Central Finland Trail Week

Central Finland Trail Week

Trail Week brings Central Finns
to Nature Trails

The first Trail Week of Central Finland was held on the 16th–22th of September 2020. The idea of ​​this week is to activate the usage of nature trails and to raise awareness about the positive health benefits of nature.

All routes take Central Finland closer to the future!

The next Central Finland Trail Week will be held at the end of September 2023.

During Trail Week various outdoor, sport, nature and tourism trails are on everyone’s mind and in hardcore use. The purpose of the week is to raise awareness and increase the use of various local nature trails.Throughout the world these kinds of trails are in a huge upswing and the need and demand of outdoor activities are on the rise. In Finland, and particularly in Central Finland, we noticed an increase of interest in activities in nature and in high quality trails.

The slogan of the week is “All routes take Central Finland closer to the future!”. The slogan’s idea is to draw attention to the fact that apart from nature tourism and local outdoor activities, addressing climate change will increase the need and the importance of local trails.

During Trail Week, various events are organized in municipalities, cities and towns of Central Finland. There are opening celebrations for new trails, hiking and bicycling events on various trails, workshops on the theme of Central Finland forests and lots of other activities. But above all, during Trail Week, people are encouraged to enjoy the wonderful trails of Central Finland!

The fourth Trail Week will be held on September 2023!